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🚀 International Space Camp



Educational activities that encourage the interest in the field of space exploration. A three-day camp to discover and experience the wonders of STEAM subjects in a safe and fun environment.



Using inclusive and engaging methodologies, everyone will be able to cooperate and be part of an exciting and creative learning process. Space Camp is open to any primay school based in Italy keen to inspire the future generations of space explorers.

Benefits for students and schools

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Critical thinking

Space camp activities require participants to solve problems creatively, think critically, and work collaboratively. These skills are essential for success in both academic and real-world settings.

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Inspiration and motivation

Experiencing the wonders of space exploration firsthand can inspire children to pursue careers in STEM fields.

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Confidence building

Successfully completing challenges at space camp can boost children's confidence and self-esteem. Overcoming obstacles and achieving goals in a supportive environment helps children develop a sense of accomplishment.

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Cultural and global awareness

Learning about space exploration can broaden childrens’ perspectives and increase their awareness of global issues. They may develop a greater appreciation for our planet and a sense of responsibility towards preserving its resources.


Build a lego rover

train like an astronaut

Groundbreaking science R&D

Exciting space walks

A big part of space exploration is nowadays entrusted to magnificent robotic rovers. Using legos, children will be able to give shape to their ideas for future missions, and test them on different types of soil. In this learning by doing activity, students will be engaged in hands-on, task-oriented exercises, developing problem solving skills and creativity.

A healthy mind in a healthy body: every day will start with a gym class focused on astronaut training. This and other total physical response activities will be used to help students learn specific STEAM vocabulary in many different languages. In an increasingly globalized civilization, getting in touch with various languages and cultures is an experience that cannot be overlooked.


Train hard, live easy

Since the dawn of time, humans have been looking up at the sky, trying to make sense of the misterious beauty of the universe. With unique storytelling activities students will listen to adventures from the past, legends and myths, while observing stars and constellations of the northern hemisphere.

cook and eat space food

Balancing well-being, fostering success

A balanced diet is just as important as a good day of training for an astronaut. With cooking and eating experiences children will discover which nutrients are necessary for a healthy body, while working together in cooperative learning focused activities.

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ISC locations

We look for:

🌟 Extreme Isolation - No contact with humans, away from the lights and sounds of our civilization, no communication

🌟 Extreme Terrain - Lunar, Martian or deep space like environments in terms of soil and absence of flora and water bodies.


High altitude

Thin air, extreme temperatures, clear sky for observing the stars



Limited light, natural temperature control, geology exploration

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