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Tech Beyond Tomorrow

Milan, Italy - October 2024

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"Type X - Tech Beyond Tomorrow" is a global summit of extreme innovation.

We unite thought leaders from diverse fields, including new energy, materials, biotech, medicine, and space exploration.

Our aim is to inspire radical advancements and collaboration that will reshape humanity's future. Join us as we pioneer groundbreaking solutions and redefine the course of innovation, for a brighter, more sustainable world.



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Space Pioneers is a non-profit dedicated to nurturing the aspirations of young minds.

We exist to inspire the next generation to dream beyond boundaries and to passionately pursue their ambitions. Through our activities, we encourage youth to envision a brighter future and equip them with the tools to turn those dreams into reality.

Our mission is to be the guiding light for tomorrow's leaders, fostering innovation, creativity, and a commitment to making the world a better place. Join us as we empower the dreams of young visionaries and help them shape a future filled with endless possibilities.


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Insights from Above, Impact on the Ground.

Involve Space: Mastering the Art of Real-time Monitoring for a Type I Civilization

Revolutionizing our path to a Type I civilization, Involve Space introduces cutting-edge stratospheric imaging technology. Combining the precision of drones with the vast coverage of satellites, we offer continuous streams of high-quality visual data. From tracking wildfires to optimizing energy distribution, our technology empowers efficient resource management.

Join us at Type X as we unveil how real-time stratospheric imaging transforms energy production, urban logistics, and disaster prevention. Explore the endless possibilities of smarter resource utilization and witness the ground-level impact of our high-altitude observations.

DEC - Decentralized Energy Corporation

DEC Energy is democratizing renewable energy production.

DEC is introducing a platform that enables everyone to become a green energy producer purchasing fractions of renewable energy projects all around the world, and beyond!

Exponentially leveraging the capital inflow in green energy projects, DEC is accelerating our society’s progression on the Kardashev scale.


Juan, raised in a bilingual German and Spanish family, speaks seven languages. He served as President at the International Space University in Strasbourg. He has three adult children with his wife Cristina. Currently, he volunteers as a lecturer, student mentor, career advisor, and organizer of guided tours in French Guiana and Kourou Spaceport. Juan holds degrees in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Business Administration, and Interdisciplinary Space Studies. He worked at the European Space Agency for over three decades, holding various management positions, including Range Operations Manager at CNES in Kourou, Space Studies Program Director at ISU, Aerospace Technology Centre Director in Barcelona, General Delegate at the Community of Ariane Cities in Paris, and Head of Communications Office at ESA-ESTEC in Noordwijk.

Past President, International Space University. Volunteer on call for Space and Earth-related projects.

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